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Positive tip of the day: The impossible possible

It’s possible to be impossible – that’s when things happen. – Shanshine

May 3, 2011   No Comments

Words of wisdom: the beginning horizon

The horizon is not the limit. The horizon IS the beginning. – Yip Pei Shan

The horizon is just the beginning. – Yip Pei Shan

This ‘horizontal’ wisdom was inspired by my conversation with Shun and the horizon born from the collaboration of the sky and the sea.  When everything seems to get you down, it never fails to inspire and drive me zealously onwards, forwards.  I hope this will do the same for you!

January 20, 2011   No Comments

Lessons from the ‘Extraordinary Pantene Commercial’

Shelly, thanks for sharing this superb commercial with me!  I want to pay this forward.

Now, THIS really made ME CRY.  This commercial has themes of resilience, tenacity and shining through all odds – excellent themes which are all aligned with my tagline, “Smile! Are you shining yet?”  Shining through all odds, no matter what happens!  A never-say-die attitude!  I can definitely identify with this girl – riding through the rollercoaster called Life.  I can remember the frustrations, the criticisms, the ridicules that serve not to break my spirit, but strengthen it.

I love the beautiful track – Pachel’s Canon in D – which is one of my favourite pieces I love listening to and playing.  I remember striving for perfection in my music, which influenced my desire for doing the best in whatever I set out to do.

“Why am I different from others?”
“Why do you have to be like others?”

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August 13, 2009   3 Comments

Free Positive Psychology series: Tenacious tenacity!!! (Awarded Best Speaker!)

My beloved friends,

My previous talks in the Positive Psychology series were excellent! As requested, I will write up free articles highlighting the aspects of my talk on Shan’s 3 “B”s of happiness as well as the first in the series entitled … Smile! Are you shining yet? in due time.

What does it entail to be tenacious? Do you have what it takes to be tenacious in things that matter to you? I will share my experience with tenacious tenacity and how tenacity empowers you to stay true to your dreams.

I invite you to the third talk of my Positive Psychology series tomorrow evening in Singapore. Details as follows:

  • Topic: Tenacious tenacity!!!
  • Venue: Bishan Toastmasters Club, Bishan Community Centre, Singapore
  • Date: 8 April 2008
  • Time: 7-10pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love,
Pei Shan

April 7, 2008   4 Comments