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Smiles and hearts: Ms mega memory

A smile is a heart-to-heart communication: it emanates from your heart, radiates on your face, and lights up the hearts of others – Yip Pei Shan

Another Shanshine Smiler is Peggy, gracing the fort of Pin Si @ AMK Hub with her mega memory service!  I am impressed with Peggy’s great recall of my favourite dishes, drinks and pet peeves from the very first visit.  I remembered asking for a change of drinks as the first drink had a tiny speck of dirt.  With no questions asked, my drink was changed by one of the many wonderful waiters there.  With her observant service and friendly smiles, Peggy took the effort to ask whether the changed Almond Milk was to my liking.

Shan and Peggy at Pin Si in AMK Hub Copyright Yip Pei Shan 2008

I salute you, Peggy, Ms mega memory!

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September 27, 2008   No Comments