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10 ways of addiction and power to Happiness, fun marketing in depressed times

Shan’s thoughts on YOU, recession, depression and Facebook

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I just got onto Facebook yesterday and it was a phenomenal experience! Wow!

Now I know why people can get addicted to Facebook. It is a social networking tool that relies a lot on psychological principles.

It’s addictive because:

  1. You know that there are people behind the screen who are clicking and moving their mouse for YOU.
  2. They are doing this because they are THINKING of you.
  3. If they are thinking of you, it means that they FEEL some sort of emotions for you, be it LIKE or LOVE or CURIOSITY or HATE, etc (I think hate will not come into the picture because you can ignore them)
  4. This makes you feel LOVED, WANTED, NEEDED, IMPORTANT, VALUED, FAMOUS, ESTEEMED, which is vital for the emotive side of people.

Some other powerful uses of Facebook: [

January 29, 2009   No Comments