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Words of wisdom: Pursuit over achievement

Achievement is good, pursuit is greater – Yip Pei Shan

This nugget of wisdom was born from a day out with Xin at Sentosa. Photographing the sun, the wind, the skies, nature and people around us, we had a delightful conversation over achievement and pursuit.

Achieving is good, however, pursuit is greater. [

August 11, 2008   No Comments

Up close and personal on the “Make a Difference” toastmasters international district 80 annual convention 23-25 May 2008

Make a Difference“!  Indeed!

I had the pleasure of being inspired by Anne, Ed and others, and most importantly, the friends that I made during this convention!

[

May 30, 2008   4 Comments

Free Positive Psychology series: SHAN, no matter what… (Awarded Best Speaker!)

My beloved friends,

Shanshine your sunshine! was a shanshining hit!!! The little shanshiney gift was received with big smiles all round and displayed carefully on areas close to our hearts! i love the energy derived from my wonderfully receptive audience! Thank you!!!

In the last of my free Positive Psychology series, I will unveil what SHAN stands for in my speech entitled SHAN, no matter what… I will also share the reason for my healthy appetite and inspire you to live happily and healthily!

I invite you to the finale of my Positive Psychology series this evening in Singapore. Details as follows:

  • Topic: SHAN, no matter what…
  • Venue: Whampoa Toastmasters, Whampoa Community Club, 300 Whampoa Drive, Singapore
  • Date: 21 May 2008
  • Time: 7-10pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love,
Pei Shan

May 21, 2008   1 Comment

Lessons from the killing of the curious cat

Sometimes I find my curiosity to be the death of me.  In the VIA strengths questionnaire, my second highest strength is curiosity and interest in the world.

A few weeks back, I remembered having a burning curiosity about the timing gadget used in a meeting. [Read more →]

May 15, 2008   No Comments