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Words of wisdom: Sparkling like crystals!

We are like crystals. We need a light to shine upon us to bring out the sparkles within us – Yip Pei Shan

This sparklet of wisdom was inspired by the sunlight shining on the beautiful crystals hanging on my table light. Crystals are beautiful, and their beauty is enhanced when a light is focussed on them. A light transforms the crystal from a clear silence into a myriad of rainbow colours! Furthermore, these colours extend beyond the parameters of the crystal, lighting up everything they touch.

Like crystals, we need a light to shine upon us. [Read more →]

June 26, 2008   No Comments

Yes, lot! Yes, Lot! YES, LOT!!! The power of the Positive!

Two weekends ago, I accompanied my beloved mum for a shopping expedition.  On this particular Saturday, the car park that we ventured to park at was packed with cars.  Cars in the car park lots, cars looking for car park lots.  Now, the thing about Mum is she looks on the dark side of things.  Throw a scenario to her, and the probability of Armageddon becomes a certainty.

[

June 19, 2008   1 Comment

Words of wisdom: Choices of influences

There are all sorts of influences out there.   I choose the type of influences I want to be influenced by. – Yip Pei Shan

This nutshell of wisdom was born out of a conversation I had with John the evening before.  We are blessed with discretion.  Let us maximise our levels of potential positives with the choices we make every second of our lives!

March 29, 2008   No Comments