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The Happiness tetrahedron

My definition of Happiness

I was just thinking about what really comprises Happiness for me.  Happiness is an essential for everyone, and it’s so generic and specific, all at the same time.  Generic as in what makes one Happy, can be similar across the board.  Yet again, it’s specific, private and personal to the individual.  The reason for the personal and private specificity lies in that we are all different, and encased in the same shell called human.  We have different thoughts, different emotions, and different actions.  One definition of Happiness may be common to a group of people, but what makes that definition peculiar to the individual is how that person interprets, feels, and acts upon it.  No one person is the same.

Having started this blog since January 2008, I’ve realised that I’ve not written down what Happiness really means to me here.  Three years early or late is not the issue.  The point is, I know what makes me Happy.  Do you know what makes you truly Happy?  Are you living your Happiness birthright right now?  What can you do to move forward to being truly Happy?

At different stages of human development, what makes us Happy changes accordingly.  For instance, as a child, being loved by your parents makes you Happy.  As a teenager, having many good friends and sports makes you Happy.  As an adult, success at work, lots of money, and having a happy family makes you Happy.  As a senior, seeing your children get married and taking care of your grandchildren makes you Happy.  The definition of Happiness is fluid and ever-changing to our current needs and wants.

After a good, long think, I realised that there are some components of Happiness that are constant and stable for me.  These are my Happiness ‘juice’ – a never-ending supply that continuously makes me Happy.  Interestingly, they fit nicely into a tetrahedral shape, which I call as “My Happiness tetrahedron”.  Tetrahedrons are one of the strongest, if not the strongest, structures known.  You can see my Happiness tetrahedron below.

The Happiness tetrahedron

In the Happiness tetrahedron above, you can see 5 words – Spirituality, Love, Wealth, Health, and Peace.  These 5 words make up the tetrahedron.

This is my Happiness tetrahedron which depict what makes me Happy.  Firstly, spirituality is very important to me.  Being in touch with who I am at the spiritual level organises everything in the manner and form that’s appropriate for me.  Secondly, love makes me Happy and fulfilled with life and people, especially my loved ones.  Thirdly, wealth is important as a vehicle for material prosperity.  It is the oil that makes the engines of my life smoother and easier to transport from one destination to another.  Fourthly, health is very important as well.  Health makes me Happy and able to enjoy and appreciate the things and people in life.  Lastly, peace.  Being at peace is something that makes me Happy.  I enjoy the stillness and tranquility.  Especially in the hustle and bustle of life, peace is even more valuable to me.

I’ll be sharing more on my Happiness tetrahedron in the future.  What makes you Happy?  What is your Happiness tetrahedron?  I will love to hear from you.

September 1, 2011   1 Comment’s expanding! Woohoo~!

Dear loved ones

Shanshine is getting an infusion of even more powerful and original content!  Now, on top of the usual inspiring Happiness and Positive Psychology articles, I will expand the Happiness theme to include health and spirituality!

In a Happy nutshell, Shanshine will now write on:

  • Happiness & Positive Psychology
  • Inspirational
  • Health
  • Spirituality

Shanshine will have the usual well-written academic and researched articles, and some entries here will be more conversational in style to share my experiences on entrepreneurship and business start-ups.

I’ll add in my free “Positive tip of the day” from my Shanshine Facebook page as well.  If you enjoy reading them, add your photo to the Shanshinetion (A nation of Shanshiners!) and join in the fun!

Life is a game.  Let’s play it well together!

Shanshine smiles,


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Free Positive Psychology series: SHAN, no matter what… (Awarded Best Speaker!)

My beloved friends,

Shanshine your sunshine! was a shanshining hit!!! The little shanshiney gift was received with big smiles all round and displayed carefully on areas close to our hearts! i love the energy derived from my wonderfully receptive audience! Thank you!!!

In the last of my free Positive Psychology series, I will unveil what SHAN stands for in my speech entitled SHAN, no matter what… I will also share the reason for my healthy appetite and inspire you to live happily and healthily!

I invite you to the finale of my Positive Psychology series this evening in Singapore. Details as follows:

  • Topic: SHAN, no matter what…
  • Venue: Whampoa Toastmasters, Whampoa Community Club, 300 Whampoa Drive, Singapore
  • Date: 21 May 2008
  • Time: 7-10pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love,
Pei Shan

May 21, 2008   1 Comment