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Focus on the positive: It works! A real life story

I just had a new revelation!  Good things really happen when you focus on them!

My friend’s friend wanted to enquire about the printing charges for company tee shirts at this newly opened shop.  When we first went in, the person manning the shop did not know much.  A few minutes later, a Chinese salesman entered the shop and entertained our enquiries to no avail.  Now, this Chinese salesman spoke excellent English, so I complimented him.  He was so modest until he did not say ‘thank you’.  Instead, he started complimenting me in return.

Interestingly, after complimenting him, his entire demeanour and attitude towards us changed.  He started finding the necessary information with great enthusiasm!

I quote my friend’s words,

“I am really amazed at how you can decide on something good about the Chinese salesman just now, despite [his] not being knowledgable in many things. He changed totally after you praised him, [he was] more confident and help[ed] you a lot:) Wonderful!”

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July 9, 2009   No Comments