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Is authenticity vital today?

Is authenticity vital today?

Yes, and if so, even more important in today’s context.

What is authenticity? Authenticity, one of the VIA‘s strengths, is defined as “owning one’s personal experiences, be they thoughts, emotions, needs, preferences, or beliefs, processes captured by the injunction to know oneself” and “behaving in accordance with the true self” (Harter, 2002, p. 382). In essence, authenticity is being real and true to yourself.

Definitely, authenticity is vital in the extrapersonal (dealing with groups of individuals), interpersonal (dealing on a one-on-one basis) and intrapersonal (dealing with yourself) domains. However, the crux of the issue lies not in being authentic, but in daring to be authentic.

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Words of wisdom: Sparkling like crystals!

We are like crystals. We need a light to shine upon us to bring out the sparkles within us – Yip Pei Shan

This sparklet of wisdom was inspired by the sunlight shining on the beautiful crystals hanging on my table light. Crystals are beautiful, and their beauty is enhanced when a light is focussed on them. A light transforms the crystal from a clear silence into a myriad of rainbow colours! Furthermore, these colours extend beyond the parameters of the crystal, lighting up everything they touch.

Like crystals, we need a light to shine upon us. [Read more →]

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