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Words of wisdom: Happiness and being you

Courage and faith in Happiness

Happiness is being who you really are. That takes courage and faith in yourself. – Yip Pei Shan

In the course of my life experiences, I have met many people who are on different steps on the path of Happiness.

I have noticed one thing in common among those on the Happy quest, and that is they are all courageous, and believe in themselves. Courage is needed to pursue what you believe to make you Happy. Also, a firm faith in themselves is essential to sustain their stride on the path of Happiness.

Are you courageous and faithful enough to be who you really are, Happily?

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Words of wisdom: Being YOU

Be brave, be bold, be YOU

“Being YOU is the best gift you can give to yourself.” – Yip Pei Shan

I was reading an article about being yourself and want to share with you how important it is to be yourself. Being YOU. It is very human to display different sides of ourselves to different people. The sum of these different facets comprise who you are.

We may reminisce about our past, and look forward to our future, however, we are only conscious of our present. Be brave, be bold, be yourself, because being YOU, NOW is the best gift for yourself.

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Free Stories-Alive! series: Riiibbitt! Ed and Jason! (Standing ovation!!!)

My beloved friends,

The story of Riiibbitt! Ed and Jason! was shared last month.  Due to some special circumstances, this special story was not publicised until now.  As a bonus, I will share the highlights of Riiibbitt! Ed and Jason! here.

Riiibbitt! Ed and Jason! is about two frogs living in Singapore.  Ed lives in East Coast Park, and Jason lives in Jurong.  The two frogs did some things in which I had the pleasure of enlisting Alex and Hijazi to demonstrate This led to the moral of this story, which is we all have our blind spots, and we need someone to point it out to us.  How can we do this?  We ASK!   I concluded with asking my attentive audience for their help in which they gave a STANDING OVATION!

The details were as follows:

  • Title: Riiibbitt! Ed and Jason!
  • Venue: Toastmasters International, District 80, Division 2, Area S1 Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contests, Cheng San Community Club, Singapore
  • Date: 20 September 2008
  • Time: 2-5pm

A very big thank you to my wonderful audience!

With love,
Pei Shan

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Is authenticity vital today?

Is authenticity vital today?

Yes, and if so, even more important in today’s context.

What is authenticity? Authenticity, one of the VIA‘s strengths, is defined as “owning one’s personal experiences, be they thoughts, emotions, needs, preferences, or beliefs, processes captured by the injunction to know oneself” and “behaving in accordance with the true self” (Harter, 2002, p. 382). In essence, authenticity is being real and true to yourself.

Definitely, authenticity is vital in the extrapersonal (dealing with groups of individuals), interpersonal (dealing on a one-on-one basis) and intrapersonal (dealing with yourself) domains. However, the crux of the issue lies not in being authentic, but in daring to be authentic.

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What are your signature strengths? A tabulation of the VIA virtues and strengths

In an earlier article, What is Positive Psychology? (Part 2), I mentioned the Values in Action (VIA) Classification of Strengths Manual. This VIA was formulated after three years of extensive research into various sources such as religion and philosophy. As a tool, the VIA is indeed commendable for labelling our strengths, however, as it is relatively infant in usage, discretion should be exercised. I found the VIA Institute on Character’s exercises on using our strengths in innovative ways thought-provoking, and is definitely worth trying out!

Here is a tabulation of strengths classified under each virtue, Wisdom and Knowledge, Courage, Humanity and Love, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence (Seligman, 2002).
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