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Left brain versus right brain? Shan’s take on logic and emotion

Left brain versus right brain?  Logic versus emotion?

Logic is governed by the left brain, and emotion, by the rightbrain (Damasio, Grabowski, Frank, Galaburda, & Damasio, 1994).  As both make up the entire human thinking, there is oftentimes conflicting interests – dilemmas, so to speak.

Logic and emotion play a pivotal role in decision-making.  I hear many people, and even myself, agonise over the many decisions we make in our lives.  How can we make the best decision?  What is the best?  How can we decide to decide?

Logic and emotion make great slaves, but not great masters.  This is my opinion on how we can make our best decisions.

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November 6, 2008   2 Comments

Knowledge, power, and goodness: an analysis of the attributes of a meaningful life

On 20 February 2008, I wrote on What is the secret to a meaningful life? I was, and still is, enamoured with Seligman’s (2002) idea of what comprises meaning in our lives. Meaning is created when there is furtherance in knowledge, power and goodness.

I believe there is an abundance of knowledge and power, and ever increasing goodness as well. The crux lies in using our signature strengths, and in particular, how well we use our signature strengths. The flow diagram below details the stages of signature strengths.

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June 9, 2008   1 Comment

Words of wisdom: Choices of influences

There are all sorts of influences out there.   I choose the type of influences I want to be influenced by. – Yip Pei Shan

This nutshell of wisdom was born out of a conversation I had with John the evening before.  We are blessed with discretion.  Let us maximise our levels of potential positives with the choices we make every second of our lives!

March 29, 2008   No Comments