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The mathematics game of plus (+) and minus (-)

Simple mathematics formula for positive interactions and communications

This is for the mathematician in us.  I was having a conversation some time back, and this idea on plus (+) and minus (-) came up.

Let’s take the plus as positive and a ‘yes’.  Likewise, the minus as negative, a ‘no’, ‘but’ - counter-intuitive to the plus.  In formula, it would look like this:

+ = positive, yes

– = negative, no, but

Placing these into the context of conversation, we have 3 interesting types of sentences derived with these surmisings.

The first is the ‘yes, and’ sentence.  In formula, it would look like this:

++=+ (yes, and)

For example, “Yes, that is an excellent way to go about that, and … ”

The second is the ‘yes, but’ sentence.  In formula, it would look like this:

+-=- (yes, but)

For instance, “Yes, that is an excellent way to go about that, but … ”

Lastly, the third is the ‘no, no, yes’ sentence.  In formula, it would look like this:

–=+ (no, no, eventually cancels out and becomes yes)

For illustration, “That is not a bad way to go about that.”

Yes, and … ++

I like the first sentence type best.  It is the most reinforcing and optimistic communication we should encourage in our daily interactions.  With mathematics, we can easily remember to be positive in our communications.  What comes out as words, goes through our hearts and minds first.

The second type of sentence, ‘yes, but’, is just, ‘yes, but’.  The ‘but’ negates all the good that came before that, making what you said redundant.  This is the most ineffective type of sentence to use, especially when you are trying to get your point across, make things work out smoothly or soothe hurt feelings.

The third type of sentence, ‘no, no, yes’ is a roundabout way of saying two negatives to make one positive.  It is far simpler and nicer to say it positively, rather than taxing your overworked brain cells on working out more ‘maths’ in your speech.

And, yes, and …

And, yes, use the ‘yes, and’ sentence more in your conversations with people.  Keep in mind ‘++=+” and you will see more amazing human flourishings automatically!

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