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When, who and where did Positive Psychology come about? (Part 3)

At yesterday’s Toastmasters’ chapter meeting, I spoke on an impromptu topic regarding turtles sticking their necks out and their association with the Word of the Day, “Grow, Glow, Go”.

Where did the adrenaline rush and the flow of high energy which accompanied me when I spoke to my audience come from? How did I get the flow? Is it innate or learned? These are questions within the realm of Positive Psychology.

How did Positive Psychology originate?

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January 30, 2008   No Comments

Happy Birthday,!

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times – Anon

We all make choices in the rollercoaster called life. We can choose to be happy, we can choose to be sad. We can choose to blog, we can choose not to. Even the choice of choosing, requires the act of choosing. Chew on it!

First off, I am ecstatic that project positive psychology has kicked off! This germ of an idea sprouted from my reading of Arruda and Dixson’s Career Distinction (2007), in which desire to have my own signature style in the virtual and real world grew stronger and stronger until “Eureka!” I could write a themed blog! Having written a personal blog for more than seven years, writing had become a way of life, my way of life.

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January 17, 2008   3 Comments