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What is Shan’s MOMENTs?

Due to several requests, I will oblige by restating the popular Shan’s MOMENTs’ acronym.  This is tracked back to Free Stories-Alive! series: MOMENTs in time (Most Touching Story!).

What does MOMENT mean to me?

M: Be the MASTER of your life.

O: Be OPEN to the full spectrum of emotions, thoughts and experiences you feel.

M: Make every MOMENT count.

E: ENJOY each emotion, thought and experience.

N: Just do it NOW!

T: TELL one person one reason for loving them each day.

I was sharing with Alex yesterday, money can be earned back, but time cannot be earned back.  Once the MOMENT in time is gone, it is gone.  Savour each MOMENT, Master your life, be Open, Enjoy, just do it NOW, Tell someone one reason you love them.

I am listening to Gregorian’s Once In A Lifetime, wind rustling in my hair, experiencing complete contentment and peace in MY MOMENT.  What are you doing in your MOMENT NOW?

September 15, 2008   1 Comment