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Category — Why Positive Psychology?

Up close and personal on the “Simply Happy” conference in Singapore

Blogs are now an increasingly simple and easy method of obtaining information up close and personal! That, indeed, makes me tingle with happiness!

On the theme of happiness, I had the privilege of being at the Simply Happy conference (with the compliments of John, Philip and Normala. Thank you!) organised in Singapore by Philip’s Global Leadership Academy. It was a conference with a mitochondria of knowledge-infused speakers! It was indeed a power-packed two days of sharing ideas and research in this field of Psychology.

It was an impressive start with Marty Seligman’s keynote speech on “Positive Psychology: The pursuit of happiness at work, at school, and at home”. [Read more →]

April 18, 2008   5 Comments

Simply Happy: The new science of happiness and well-being!

I am looking forward to the world premiere of Simply Happy: The new science of happiness and well-being, held in Singapore from the 16-17 April at the Singapore Expo and Convention Centre!!! Programme highlights include speeches by Martin Seligman, Sonja Lyubomirsky, George Vaillant, Catherine Lim, Ilona Boniwell, Judy Willis, Paul Rozin, Philip Merry, and David Chan.

Happiness is simply being happy (^.^)

April 15, 2008   No Comments

How can Positive Psychology be applied? (Part 5)

The birth of was kickstarted with a series of questions with the intention to delve into the intricacies of the Positive Psychology movement. First off was the question, what is Positive Psychology? Second, when, who and where did Positive Psychology come about? Third, why Positive Psychology? This brings us to the perhaps, most interesting question in this enlightening series, how can Positive Psychology be applied?

It is only now that I realise that how is imbued with other subtle “W”ives (Yip, 2008). Who can Positive Psychology be applied? When can Positive Psychology be used? Where can Positive Psychology be utilised? These “W”ives are indeed fantastic tools to explain the “H”usband in a clearer manner!

How can Positive Psychology be applied? [

March 12, 2008   No Comments

Why Positive Psychology? (Part 4)

This has been a question that challenges many ideals of what “conventional” Psychology really is. Or is there really a “conventional” Psychology at all? Is anything conventional at all?

I was reading Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology, Positive Prevention, and Positive Therapy in which Seligman was outlining the drivers of the Positive Psychology movement.

Why Positive Psychology?

[

February 10, 2008   No Comments