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Shanshine revelations: Spirituality!

What it is.

Spirituality.  It is a paramount feature in my life now.

One of the reasons for the long absence of longer writings in my blog is attributed to this.  The thought-provoking writings has not dried up, but is still thriving!  More coming up!

Many has been curious and wondering what’s been happening with the Shanshine.  Here, I will reveal what has been happening behind the scenes – inside the mind of the Shanshine personality.

Please note: I know spirituality and religion are extremely sensitive issues, so please do not feel offended or piqued upon reading my opinions here.  This is just my personal exploration, and a background for me to write my future explorations in this realm.

Why am I sharing this now?

It is time, and it has been such an interesting and miraculous journey that I want to share it, and by sharing it, help others along their path to Happiness. Spirituality is my personal vital component in the Happiness tetrahedron.   It may be yours, or it is not.  However, with my sharing, I hope you will learn vicariously and apply it to your lives that whatever way that benefits you optimally.

How it all began

I have never been spiritual at all.  Really.  I have an insatiable appetite for learning, but spirituality never came up until recently.  I have had gotten acquainted with religion since young.  However, religion didn’t seem to cut it for me.  Different religions were all good, and seemed to be pointing towards the same thing, but all advocated different methods that were similar in some way as well.

Nevertheless, I did not specifically embark on searching for what was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  I knew there was truth in all the teachings, and that human perceptions were thrown into the melting pot that made deciphering the actual truth challenging.

It all happened when I started searching for my future business direction around the middle of 2009.  I had been floundering around with a certain measure of success.  Yet, it didn’t satisfy me as an “Eureka!  I’ve got it!  This is it!” type of feeling.  I needed something more, but I didn’t know what exactly.  I didn’t even dare to think about the ‘how’ – I figured the ‘how’ would work itself out somehow along the way.

With this intent in mind, certain things started happening outside of my consciousness.  I started meeting people who introduced more people to me.  These people seemed to know exactly what I was searching for, and the steps that I needed to take unfolded gradually before me.  It was as though my personal staircase of action had been set in motion, and all I needed to do was trust in it, and follow through.

I will call these people who helped me along the way as my Helpers.

I made known my intention to Helper E, who coached me around this.  After which, Helper C almost instantaneously came into my life with a proposition in mind.  While considering the proposition, I met Helper J.  I was having a sore eye infection, and Helper J ‘reikied’ my eyes which healed in half the time that was needed.  Helper J advised me to learn Reiki, but I procrastinated, feeling that it wasn’t time yet.  A few months ensured, and Helper E piqued my interest in the esoteric sciences such as Astrology and Numerology.  Then, more turbulence followed in the search for my future business direction.  I started feeling very discouraged and was about to throw in the towel.  However, Helper E jumped in to support me, and I got my answer – be a Reiki channel.  This time round, I didn’t procrastinate, and did what I needed to do.

It is time

January 31, 2010 turned out to be a memorable date to my commitment to transformation.  That was the date where I was a qualified Reiki channel.  There was a remarkable difference before and after.  I told Helper M, “I’m going to follow what my Teacher taught me.”  I have several teachers in my life, this was just one of the many marvellous teachers and mentors I have had the privilege of being under their tutelage.

My teacher taught me to how to live a good life, what to eat and drink, what to exercise, and what to do for the greater of all.  I started off my transformation on the evening of January 31, 2010, with just a salad, instead of the usual meat dish and wine.   Helper M was amazed.  Helper A, and many other Helpers, were equally astonished and amazed.  Here was someone they knew for a good part of their lives who loved eating meat, fried foods and other decadent delicacies, who now seemed to have suddenly morphed into a different person who chose vegetables and fruits over meat.  That was just the physical manifestation of what was cooking in my thoughts.

As my thoughts changed, so did my actions and words.  I started losing people whom I thought were friends.  I felt sad, thinking that all was lost.  However, I was proven deligtfully wrong.  People of the same ilk came to me.  Friendships of a quality that I never could imagine developed.  Blessings of all kinds started pouring in.

The next step unfolded before me a few months later.  This time, Pranic Healing was key.  By this time, I had developed a sensitivity to my intuition whether it was time or not to act.  I knew this was the next step for me to take, and I became a Pranic Healer.  I healed those important to me, and especially myself on a daily basis.  I was pushed to advance to the next level of Pranic Healing, but I did not heed the call.  It wasn’t time yet.

At the beginning of 2011, my search brought me to Eckankar Satsang, where I was intrigued with soul travel, dreams and contemplations.  I read copious numbers of books from their library and learnt some nuggets of wisdom.  I also read lots of books on other esoteric sciences, some of which were rarely known.  Furthermore, I experimented with some of the techniques that really got me curious, such as fasting, pyramid meditation and swara yoga.

About a year later, in July 2011, my mobile rang.  There was a call with an unknown number, and I felt that I needed to pick it up.  The call turned out to be from Helper S regarding the advanced Pranic Healing course.  I had received a few calls to advance to the next level, but I rejected them all.  However, something told me to hang on and ask a pertinent question which had never occurred to me to ask in the previous calls.

“Is the Kriyashakti course on?”
Helper S said, “Yes.”

At that point, I knew it was time.  I became an advanced Pranic Healer.

The present

Now, I am a Reiki channel and an advanced Pranic Healer, in which I do not practice healing on others now for karmic reasons.  I would prefer to be called simply as being spiritual.  However, these titles are just names for the world to identify with.   I see them as channels and steps that I’ve taken in my quest for my future business direction.  Notwithstanding, the quest for what would satisfy me in business turned out to be so much more.  I discovered a whole lot more about myself, what I really wanted in life, and most importantly, how to get what I want in life.  I realised that business alone is just a path to what makes me Happy, and that it is not the end-all or be-all when I’ve achieved it.  This quest enabled me to craft out a plan to enjoy the fruits of what business would provide for my life itself.

Along this journey, I learnt how to soul travel, contemplate, meditate, how to interpret and apply my dreams more fully, see and feel the energies in the world, heal energetically, prevent psychic attacks to others and myself, exercise fully, eat healthily, the science of breathing, and many more.

Interestingly, I felt very rewarded intrinsically.  I felt closer to God.  It was as though different religions are the little puzzle bits that made up the entire jigsaw puzzle of the spiritual – to bring us closer to God. My understanding is that different religions may be likened to different paths to understand and be One with God.

The future

Though I have found the answer to my quest, I will still explore spirituality with an open mind.  There will still be more steps unfolding for me when the time is ripe.

Another reason for my interest is that there is truth hidden under different names, and finding out and making it my own is very rewarding.  Once I’ve ‘owned’ it, I can harness it in my life, and the results are magnified exponentially.  Information is useless unless you convert it to knowledge.  And with knowledge, comes power.  This power gives me infinite resources that unlocks every door I decide to open.


I hope this sharing unlocks your mind to the infinite possibilities when you set your mind to it.  This sharing also sets the stage for me to share my adventures with spirituality, one of the essentials in my Happiness tetrahedron.


September 10, 2011   No Comments

Esoteric delving!

Delving into the esoteric sciences has never been more exhilarating!

I was introduced to something that’s really, really mindblowing!  Let me get more information in order to get a grip on it, and chew on it for a while.  A long while, I reckon, considering the depth and breadth of knowledge it’s dealing with.  I’ll come up with my famous analyses and interpretations that seems to have interested intellects gather around and discuss it for a long time.

Curious?  I hope you are, because I am intrigued myself!

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Shanshine! All in good time!

Happy is the person who distils the essence and takes what they need from the vast sea of knowledge. - Yip Pei Shan

I attended a video viewing yesterday of a spiritual conference that was held about a month ago in Minneapolis.

Here are some of my thoughts on the nuggets of wisdom shared during the conference.

  1. The overriding theme was ‘All in good time’.  My understanding here is a good time is different for everyone of us.  What’s a good time for you may not be a good time for another, and vice versa.  A good time here is referring to our thoughts and actions leading to various consequences of our choice.  Simply put, a cause-and-effect phenomenon.  You reap what you sow.
  2. Playing with the word ‘good’, we can come up with the word ‘God’ by omitting an “o”.  Now I see how ‘God is Good’ sounds and looks so good.
  3. Fill our hearts and minds with love and gratefulness to the brim.  Leave no room for negativities and escape the sea of toxins, which kill the sweet goodness in our lives.
  4. The voice and light of God sustains the melody of life.

I see some positive attributes appearing here – spirituality lends strength to people, love, responsibility, and gratitude.  Wonderful!

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The Universe delivers in good time the things you ask

I just realised that one of the songs I was loving a long time ago came back into my radar just a few days ago.

Shiny Toy Guns – Major Tom (Coming Home) (Adam K & Soha Club Edit)

It happened when I was listening to a trance music station, and this song started playing.  I was so excited to hear it again, I searched for the DJ who was spinning it, and asked him the name of the song.  Wonderfully, he replied, and I got the name of this song that I heard about a couple of years back!

The moral of the story?  Sometimes when you ask for things, it will come to you in good time.  A good time does not mean it must come now.  It can come later, or even when you do not expect it.  The victory is very much sweeter when it comes at the right time.

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