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10 ways of addiction and power to Happiness, fun marketing in depressed times

Shan’s thoughts on YOU, recession, depression and Facebook

Yip Pei Shan's/Pei Shan's/Shan Yip's Facebook profile

I just got onto Facebook yesterday and it was a phenomenal experience! Wow!

Now I know why people can get addicted to Facebook. It is a social networking tool that relies a lot on psychological principles.

It’s addictive because:

  1. You know that there are people behind the screen who are clicking and moving their mouse for YOU.
  2. They are doing this because they are THINKING of you.
  3. If they are thinking of you, it means that they FEEL some sort of emotions for you, be it LIKE or LOVE or CURIOSITY or HATE, etc (I think hate will not come into the picture because you can ignore them)
  4. This makes you feel LOVED, WANTED, NEEDED, IMPORTANT, VALUED, FAMOUS, ESTEEMED, which is vital for the emotive side of people.

Some other powerful uses of Facebook: [

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Free Specialty Speeches series: Shanshine your Sunshine!

How to be Happy: Get the top 10 things you want

My beloved friends,

Sharing Shan’s 3 gems to happy? Happy! was a joy!  For the first time ever, I will be speaking in China and sharing on Happiness Coaching and what it can do for you.  You will also find out what “Shanshine your sunshine!” means, and see and experience Coaching live in action!  Also, sign up for valuable packages at special prices just for you during this presentation.

I invite you to the third of my Specialty Speeches series in China. Details as follows:

  • Title: Shanshine your sunshine!
  • Venue: Zhongguancun Toastmasters, 4th Classroom, 20th Floor, Tower B, Tsinghua Science Park, Wudaokou, Haidian District, Beijing, China
  • Date: 9 December 2008
  • Time: 7-9pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love,
Pei Shan

November 21, 2008   1 Comment

Left brain versus right brain? Shan’s take on logic and emotion

Left brain versus right brain?  Logic versus emotion?

Logic is governed by the left brain, and emotion, by the rightbrain (Damasio, Grabowski, Frank, Galaburda, & Damasio, 1994).  As both make up the entire human thinking, there is oftentimes conflicting interests – dilemmas, so to speak.

Logic and emotion play a pivotal role in decision-making.  I hear many people, and even myself, agonise over the many decisions we make in our lives.  How can we make the best decision?  What is the best?  How can we decide to decide?

Logic and emotion make great slaves, but not great masters.  This is my opinion on how we can make our best decisions.

[

November 6, 2008   2 Comments

Free Stories-Alive! series: MOMENTs in time (Most Touching Story!)

My beloved friends,

Tonight’s story will transport you into the realm of the sombre reality. From my first story, Shan’s sharing! The three sillies!, we explored the developing of a positive mindset. In MOMENTs in time, we will delve deeper into what it means by a MOMENT.

What does a MOMENT mean to you? How may we treasure each and every MOMENT?

I will reveal my version of MOMENT, to share with your loved ones.

This is a very special speech in memory of a dear friend, Ailing, who passed away on 22 August 2008. Ailing was one of the happiest and sweetest women I have ever known. She will always live in our hearts and memories.

I invite you to the second of my Stories-Alive! series in Singapore. Details as follows:

  • Title: MOMENTs in time
  • Venue: Braddell Heights Advanced Toastmasters, Braddell Heights Community Club, Singapore
  • Date: 25 August 2008
  • Time: 7-10pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love,
Pei Shan

August 25, 2008   1 Comment

Words of wisdom: the juxtaposition of speaking and listening

Without listeners, there would be no speakers – Yip Pei Shan

This proverb was inspired by my conversation with Jack many evenings ago. We were on the subject that most people who joined Toastmasters loved to talk. I told Jack, “The most important thing about Toastmasters is listening.”

I had captured his entire attention. [

July 1, 2008   1 Comment