Praise for Pei Shan

Testimonials championing Pei Shan

“I started coaching with Pei Shan because I wanted to improve my listening skills, to know myself deeper and better.”

“Coaching with Pei Shan is so wonderful and so natural!”

“I realise that we can be expert in some areas, but not all, and this is why and how coaching is so effective. You know, when I reached higher managerial positions in my career, I tend to pay less attention to others’ thoughts and feelings, and just focus on getting things done. With Pei Shan coaching me, I am not only a better manager, a better leader. I’m also a better father. Not only do I focus on getting results, I also focus on the inner strengths of my team, my partners and my clients. I listen more and think about how my people think. This translates into a more organised and efficient use and control of time.”

“Pei Shan has a Zen way, a genuine, natural way of coaching me. We are “dancing” together – dancing into insights during coaching. She genuinely helps me and flows with me; listening, identifying and supporting my needs. This leads to me coming up with solutions so naturally and so effectively. There is immense value in Pei Shan’s coaching. I really enjoy coaching, very much!”

“After coaching with Pei Shan, I see a transformation in myself. I lend people a listening ear, I listen more, especially with my wife and children. We have more family togetherness now. Now I don’t tell them what to do. I ask them questions and listen to them quietly. My children now comes to me, and I listen quietly to their problems. They get their answers from within, with my quiet listening, and my wife is happier with the changes she sees in me.”

“I like Pei Shan’s coaching style. Four things I like about Pei Shan’s coaching style:”

“1. She is very visual and talented in the colourful world of mindmapping, always bringing me back to “Where am I now?” As a business leader, I like to push forward for results, and rush the process of understanding my current situations. I realised that this is an important process for knowing my current situations prepares me to assess my future results and impacts on my projects.”

“2. With her background in Psychology, she is very sensitive to feelings, my feelings. She is adept at detecting small and important things, and great at listening into my insights.”

“3. Pei Shan is very positive about life and focuses on positive changes. She is very resourceful, and challenges me to think beyond what’s required. For example, instead of looking for three reasons, she looks for 50 reasons! Pei Shan is very good at stretching [challenging my thinking]!”

“4. Although I don’t see you in person as coaching is done over the phone, I feel you are a very resourceful and dynamic person. Having been coached by other coaches, Pei Shan has a more interesting and fun way of coaching. Not so structured, not so rigid, it is fluid and flexible. Pei Shan coaches me in a “light” conversation filled with energy, and yet it’s so relaxed.”

“Wonderful, Pei Shan! As she has shared with me before regarding her aspiration to be the best Happiness Coach, indeed, definitely, ‘Wow, I want Shan!’ Thank you so much, for the wonderful coaching that you have done with me.”

John Lee Chong Ming, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore, Father of three, JL Consulting, Director

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“The coaching experience and support has far exceeded my expectations and has brought valuable benefits and strategies both professionally and personally. The coaching sessions have been very powerful in providing different perspectives to effective management, solutioning and time management and have given a structured discipline and techniques to dealing with these areas.”

“One of the most valuable benefits I got from being coached by Pei Shan was to constantly monitor the development of my goals and therefore stay highly focused and determined to achieve them. Pei Shan is able to create breakthroughs in areas that seem stagnant. I had a communication concept which I created, designed and implemented within 10 weeks. Without coaching, I would have taken about 5 MONTHS or forever to do it! My managers are extremely pleased, and I have been recently promoted as well!”

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