Who is Shanshine?

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With her fun, caring, sincere Sunshine personality, Shan is affectionately known as Ms Shanshine.

Shan is the first Happiness Coach in Singapore, specialising in Happiness and Positive Psychology.  Shan is also an inspirational-motivational speaker, teacher and writer on holistic well-being and Happiness.


Shan, the Happiness expert, is deeply passionate about Happiness, new-age spirituality and alternative medicine.  Shan believes that Happiness is our birthright, and enjoys enabling Happiness for each and every person.

Shan also believes strongly in Shanshine’s mission, “To Shanshine your Sunshine!”; that is, harnessing your strengths, potential, thoughts, aspirations and passions, for your sustained Happiness.


Shan is genuinely curious and interested about you, and provides a fresh and open perspective for you.

Highly astute, superbly intuitive and extremely emotionally intelligent, Shan believes in your Sunshine and has a talent for making you feel comfortable from the start.

Shan’s Shanshine personality is in perfect unison with the Shanshine Philosophy – Start Having Action Now, Start Having Infinite New 3nergy. Ms Shanshine approaches Shanshining vibrantly, positively and enthusiastically. Furthermore, Shan inspires, challenges and supports you to venture beyond. Most importantly, Shan passes no judgments on you. Instead, Shan harnesses an extremely open-minded approach to give you the best out of Shanshining.

“When you let go, you become creative.” – Yip Pei Shan

Pei Shan has the special ability to let you feel at ease and to be yourself, and gives you no pressure at all, giving you the space, to think creatively, out of the box. You are never being judged, hence, you can air your thoughts freely.


Shan is a Happiness Expert for happy and successful individuals and organisations seeking to increase their happiness and success. She enjoys partnering with performing individuals who are driven, enjoys a challenge in shifting paradigms, creative and fun-loving.

Shan is also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest professional body for building, supporting and preserving the integrity of professional Coaching.

With her background in Psychology and Sociology, Shan is also a chartered member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), and believes strongly in Positive Psychology.  Moreover, Shan is also the International Happiness Day Ambassador for Singapore.

On top of being the Vice President of Public Relations for the Bishan Toastmasters Club from 2008-2009, Shan has won several awards in Toastmasters International and is also an international award-winning inspirational motivational speaker on themes of Happiness, resilience and tenacity. A first of the first, Shan is also a champion in her first time participation in the International Speeches Contest 2009.


Shan excels in her academic pursuits, with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Sociology, as well as a Diploma in Nursing With Merit under her belt.  Shan also holds a Certificate of Coaching Skills with Results Coaching Systems (RCS), one of the largest and most recognized Coach training schools in the world.  RCS is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the largest worldwide organisation for professional Coaches.

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