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Shanshine 2010!

shanshine new year 2010 copyright yip pei shan

My beloved friends,

Happy Shanshine 2010!

It’s been close to 3 months since I last wrote here – vacations, parties, time with loved ones and time for reflection and focus!  I love this period of time.  It gives me the chance to evaluate and congratulate myself and my team on our sweet successes and escalate to greater heights.  Time is limited, hence the need to hone our energies and talent in the desired direction.

What can you expect for this year?  A HUGE conception in the pipelines, a book or two, and more of IM Speaking and FUNshops!

HUGE is HUGE.  I will need the help of many talented and enthusiastic persons!  Please contact me if you are one, or you know of anyone who is, and ask them to contact me, or let me contact them.

If you are interested in helping with my books, participating in IM Speaking and FUNshops, please contact me as well.

More of my distinct thoughts penned here to inspire a positive mindset too! (^.*)

Here’s to a Shanshine 2010!

Shanshine smiles,