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Photos – IM Speaking: NYP can do, so can YOU!

IM Speaking: NYP can do, so can YOU!

“A picture is worth a thousand words; a slide show is both.” –  Author Unknown

Enjoy the slide show and photos of NYP can do, so can YOU!

Click on the thumbnails below to get a closer view.

Shanshine’s reflections:

A big thank you to NYP for having me speak and share with you!  It was my utmost pleasure speaking to an intellectual and attentive audience.  The time flew by so fast, and I could see that they wanted me to continue despite the time allocated for me to speak was up.  That is one of the most accolades I could get.  Their rapt attention and brain cogs turning almost visibly when they were listening made my day!

To express my appreciation:

Thank you, Peggy, for inviting me to speak.  Thank you for your compliments on my excellent speaking and interest in this refreshing perspective on Psychology.  It appealed immensely to my mischievous side speaking to those who have lectured me before!

Thanks to Jackie as well for all the liaising and taking care of the back-end matters to make things run smoothly.  Thank you for your compliments on my being a “young, confident and promising” lady!

Thanks to my intellectual and attentive audience, who lent me their ears and hearts when I spoke.  I hope what I have shared will remain with you for your lifetime and help you in your journey through life.

Thanks also to those who expressed their thanks, appreciation and learnings with me after the talk.  Especially to Bernard, “You’re a good speaker.  You have good vocabulary.  I love how you weave your speech and how you speak off the cuff.”

It was not off the cuff.  It was so well practised that it appeared entirely natural!

A big thank you to my IMteam who oiled the cogs and toiled behind the scenes to make things seamless!  Especially to Mark, the master of analytics; Adilin, the weaver of magic with people; Dzu, the steady and stable foundation calming our nerves; and Jeremy, my photography magician.

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