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Lessons from the ‘Extraordinary Pantene Commercial’

Shelly, thanks for sharing this superb commercial with me!  I want to pay this forward.

Now, THIS really made ME CRY.  This commercial has themes of resilience, tenacity and shining through all odds – excellent themes which are all aligned with my tagline, “Smile! Are you shining yet?”  Shining through all odds, no matter what happens!  A never-say-die attitude!  I can definitely identify with this girl – riding through the rollercoaster called Life.  I can remember the frustrations, the criticisms, the ridicules that serve not to break my spirit, but strengthen it.

I love the beautiful track – Pachel’s Canon in D – which is one of my favourite pieces I love listening to and playing.  I remember striving for perfection in my music, which influenced my desire for doing the best in whatever I set out to do.

“Why am I different from others?”
“Why do you have to be like others?”

I love these couple of questions.  Be yourself.  Create your own rules for your own self.  What is the best for you, which Coaching does for you by unlocking what you need for yourself.  This elderly gentleman does that too – by asking excellent questions!  He did not tell her what to do, she thought about his questions, and decided upon her own course of actions.

Dare to be different.  Have the courage to be unique, because there is no one else like you.  Some are born to be different.  More importantly, they persist in their uniqueness – becoming more and more of who they truly are.  These are the ‘white-lighters’ who shine in our world today.

Having the beautiful hair is a bonus.  I think the courage and spirit of the girl portrayed in this commercial is extraordinary – and we can ALL CHOOSE to be EXTRAORDINARY in our own way.

Smile!  Are you shining yet?
Are you a ‘white-lighter’?
Are you choosing to be extraordinary TODAY, NOW?


1 Shelly { 08.13.09 at 16:05 }

So glad you loved this as much as I did.
I also love how she stands on stage with her battered, mended violin… sometimes that is exactly what our life feels like, but we can allow God to take those things that try to break us and use them to mold us into stronger and more beautiful people. Understanding and empathetic.
I have seen this 5 times now and still tear up 🙂

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3 shan { 05.16.11 at 12:24 }

Thanks James. I’m happy you enjoyed reading my articles here.

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