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Posts from — August 2009

Smiles and hearts: Mr. TLC (tender loving care)

A smile is a heart-to-heart communication: it emanates from your heart, radiates on your face, and lights up the hearts of others – Yip Pei Shan

Gems are found in little nooks and crannies!  Craving for some hot and sour noodles in soup, we stopped over at The Asian Kitchen in Vivocity.  Led by their zany restaurant manager, I have been impressed with their superb service and heart-warming smiles since June this year.  After a protracted search for electronic equipment, it was great to dine in a place with happy vibes.

Ka Yau, Mr. tender loving care, was the man who made our dining extraordinarily pleasant!  When I ordered my hot and sour noodles in soup, he recommended adding more chilli padi (little red chillis) to heighten the heat factor.  Upon seeing my hesitation, he suggested serving me the chilli padi on a separate dish, to add in as I liked.

Throughout, he was attentive, kind and polite.  When my noodles arrived, I was presented with a spoon that was as large as a ladle.  I did not look forward to having a locked jaw maneuvering this unwieldy ladle, so I asked Ka Yau to give me a decent-sized spoon.  For some reason, he looked perplexed at my request, so I explained to him, “The spoon is too big.  I have a small mouth.”

Immediately, he acceded to my request with a broad smile that developed into a huge, voracious laughter.  I have not seen a waiter laugh so hilariously at work!  After bringing me a smaller spoon, he cautioned me not to scald myself, as I would be dipping the metal spoon into hot soup.  I was touched by his concern for a diner in his restaurant.  Ka Yau continued to smile broadly whenever he caught our attention.  Smiles and laughter are indeed heart-to-heart connections, lighting up the hearts of everyone who is willing to receive it.  I have captured one of his Shanshine Smiles on film.

ka yau at the asian kitchen vivocity copyright yip pei shan

With his exuberant smiles, deep, sincere laughter; and caring nature,  he is the epitome of service.  I salute you, Ka Yau, Mr. TLC (tender loving care)!

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Lessons from the ‘Extraordinary Pantene Commercial’

Shelly, thanks for sharing this superb commercial with me!  I want to pay this forward.

Now, THIS really made ME CRY.  This commercial has themes of resilience, tenacity and shining through all odds – excellent themes which are all aligned with my tagline, “Smile! Are you shining yet?”  Shining through all odds, no matter what happens!  A never-say-die attitude!  I can definitely identify with this girl – riding through the rollercoaster called Life.  I can remember the frustrations, the criticisms, the ridicules that serve not to break my spirit, but strengthen it.

I love the beautiful track – Pachel’s Canon in D – which is one of my favourite pieces I love listening to and playing.  I remember striving for perfection in my music, which influenced my desire for doing the best in whatever I set out to do.

“Why am I different from others?”
“Why do you have to be like others?”

[

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Words of wisdom: Smiles and hearts (Encore)

A smile is a heart-to-heart communication: it emanates from your heart, radiates on your face, and lights up the hearts of others – Yip Pei Shan

aishah at bishan mrt station ticket control copyright yip pei shan

Aishah’s shanshiney smile inspired me to create the above proverb last year in March!  After some time, I have managed to get a photo together with this sweet lady!  Look forward to her gorgeous smile and excellent customer service when you visit the Bishan MRT Station’s ticketing office!

I salute you, beautiful shanshiney smiley lady!

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