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1 day to the International Happiness Day: The Shanshine way!

Shanshine On!  Start Having Action Now, Start Having Infinite New 3nergy!

Use your signature strengths to the fullest!  Develop and sustain a positive mindset with Shanshine(TM) Coaching, FUN(TM)shops, and IM(TM) Speaking! (^.^)

Check out your signature strengths and use them to the fullest!  Remember to keep it fun, simple and positive!  Keep something up your sleeves for tomorrow!!

Strengths aligned with today’s actions include Perspective; Perseverance/Industry/Diligence; Hope/Optimism/Future-Mindedness; and Zest/Passion/Enthusiasm.

How did yesterday’s actions go for me?

I brought my own ‘sunshine’ with me wherever I went!  There were some hiccups along the way, which I could have let it spoil my day.  However, I chose to let things go.  Is it really that important to me?  Is it necessary for me to get negative over the issues?  These were a couple of questions I asked myself.  The answer was ‘no’ to both of them, consequently choosing to let them go and sustain my Happy disposition.

What would I do if the answer was ‘yes’?  I would still choose to let them go.  It does not mean I make light of important issues.  I would choose to acknowledge the negativities and find a solution to the issue(s) at hand.  Acknowledging does not mean wallowing in it.  It just means a recognition and an acceptance.

Moreover, I had the pleasure of lovely company yesterday evening, which was a sweet ending to another day!


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