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Posts from — April 2009

Words of wisdom: Great moments and celebrations

Life is full of great moments and joyful celebrations. Only if you choose to. – Yip Pei Shan

I love looking at the good things in my life.  There are definitely some, if not a lot of nasty stuff that happens, but I choose to let them go.  Only by letting them go past me, or through me, can I experience the great moments that life has to offer.

Treasure each lovely moment, and celebrate!

April 28, 2009   No Comments

Words of wisdom: Constant change, certain death

The only thing constant about life is change, and the only thing certain about life is death. – Yip Pei Shan

One of the philosophies I’ve had in life is that change is the only constant.  This proverb was inspired with the influx of changes this month – competing in speech contests, my birthday celebrations, the passing away of a friend, etc.

It brings to the fore the fragility of life.  Have you done and said the things that matter most to you?

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Free Stories-Alive! series: The firm and passionate humanitarian (Best Table Topics Speaker, Unanimous Best Speaker!!!)

My beloved friends,

Following my touching sharing of People live and L.O.V.E., I will be sharing on the firm and passionate humanitarian tomorrow evening!

This is my first time telling a historical tale.  Not just a telling of history, but to make it come alive, which is true of the theme of this series, Stories-Alive!

Who is this firm and passionate humanitarian? What can we learn from this person?  How can we be like this person?

Some of the best lessons can always be learnt from history.  I invite you to the LAST installment in my Stories-Alive! series in Singapore. Details as follows:

* Title: The firm and passionate humanitarian
* Venue: Bishan Toastmasters Club, Bishan Community Club, Level 3, Lecture Room 1, Singapore
* Date: 28 April 2009
* Time: 7-10pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love,
Pei Shan

April 27, 2009   1 Comment