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Second triumph in round 2 of the International Speeches Contest!

Been there, done that!  First runner up in round 2, International Speeches Contest!


After winning the first round of the International Speeches Contest, I came in a close second in the tough second round!!!

Exaltations!!!  It was a tremendous learning experience, and I had a whale of a time!  Waiting till the very last of the last of all contestants to speak was indeed nerve wrecking!  I took a risk in trying out something new, and I won!  I simply loved how my audience reacted!

Indeed, without listeners, there would be no speakersYip Pei Shan

I really love sharing my messages with you. Lots more inspirational stuff to come!

The horizon’s not the end, it’s just the beginning – Yip Pei Shan

Thank you my friends for coming to support and encourage me!   In person and in spirit!  Without you, I would not have shone!

Special thanks to my mum, Lilyana, Catherine, Zainal, Ed, Grace, and Gerald!

Congratulations’ wishes from some loved ones

“Congratulations!  Well done, Shan.” Anita Yip

“Congrats! …” Catherine Goh

“Congrats! …” Zainal Abidin Rahman

“Congrats!  You’re really an inspiration to me.  I want to be like you.  You’re my role model.” Lilyana Santoso

“Wow!  Congratulations! …” He Huang Xin

“Congrats Peishan!”  Sim Ee Hai

“Congrats Peishan! …” Rani Rajasingham

“Hi!  Congrats! …” Romil Singh

“Woohoo!  Congrats!:) …” Grace Soo

“Wow!!  Cool!  Congrats!!”  Razaq Zakaria

“Congrats!  Wow!”  Jessie Lee

“Congrats! …” Charles Lee

“Congrats! …” Heidi Ooi

“Congrats! …” Andrew Lim and Arina Lim

“Congrats! …” Jeff Chew

“Congrats!:P” Lim Hock Ming

“Cool. … Congratulations!” Kok Yee Keong

“Congrats. :)” Jerlynn Ang

“… Second is really impressive man!” Sng Yao Le

“Congrats. …” Alvin Ong

“Congrats:-)” Au Ji Yin

“That’s great Pei Shan :-)  Congratulations! …” Antonia Beetsma

“Congratulations.  Keep on growing.  Aim for next year’s contest.  Keep on glowing too! …” Michael Chang

“Congrats Pei Shan.  You’re doing great! …” Jenny Au

“Wow!  Congrats!”  Lee Min

“Congratulations!  You did it and [you’re] really a good role model and inspiring example!” Cheong Lai Siong

“Congrats Peishan …” Richard Ong

“Congrats :)” Harris Mak

“Well done.  Rejoice with your success.” Magdalene Ng

“Congratulations.” Patricia Tan

“Congratulations…” Tun Lwin Lwin

“Congrats Peishan” Marco Rubi-Cruz

“Well done, Peishan …” Gea Ban Peng

“Hey, well done! 😎 …” Bryon Nifakis

“Congrats, well done…” Sylvester Dorai

“Cool.  Great job. :)” Abraham Ho

“Congrats.  We are happy and proud of you.” Chow Kok Hing and Mui Siang

“Great!  Congrats:-)” Divya Shankar

“Congrats… Happy for you :-D” Damon Low

“Well done … You [are] already [a] champion among champion[s].  Success [is] just one more step.” Edmund Chew

“WOW!!  Congrats! …” Ng Luan Eng

“Wow.  Great and congratulations dear 😉 :-)” Serena Lim

“Great.. You are really capable.  That’s why you can achieve.  Congratulations.” Gopal Srinivasan

“Congrats, my friend!! I’m sure you deserve more than that.” Koh Chi Wei

“Congrats! Weewee!” Ang Chew Hoe

“Wow!  Congratulations!” Choo Chui Har

“Congratulations my friend.  You did it again!  Keep it up!” Dexter David

“Congrats, that’s good to hear…” Brian Wong Jia Jie

“Hi Peishan, glad to know that, congrats!” Robert Antonius Henru

“Hi Shan, congratulations for achieving a milestone in your public speaking.  May you excel beyond excellence!” Wekie Tay

“Great stuff!!!” Clifford Heng


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