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First time CHAMPION in my first International Speeches Contest!

I am a WINNER in my first time ever in the International Speeches Contest!

yip pei shan champion international speech contest 2009

I took part in the International Speeches and Table Topics Contest and won the International Speeches Contest!!!

Jubilations!!!  I literally jumped and was on a high ever since!

I’ll like to thank all my wonderful and encouraging supporters, especially to Hua and Gary!!!  Thank you for your physical presence, which gave me added strength and charisma!  Thank you for your uplifting words of encouragement which gave me added motivation to speak better and better!  Without all of you, I would not be where I am today.

Without listeners, there would be no speakersYip Pei Shan

Remember my message.  Trophies will fade, but the message I share with you, I want it to be imprinted in your hearts and gain inspiration when you need it.  You are never alone!

A big thank you to my mentors, friends, Shun, mum, who have guided me in their own special ways. Thank you! Last but not least, to my late Grandfather, my inspiration and icon who lives in the hearts of everyone who loves him, this is for YOU!

Congratulations’ wishes from some loved ones

“When you take part, it’s a walkover.  The others are just wasting their time!  Congratulations!” Grace Soo

“Congratulations!  Excellent speech!”  Yong Jinhua

“You did great today …!  And again, congrats on your first winning with more first prizes to come! …” Gary Loy

“You won?  Congratulations!  I knew you are the best!” Anita Yip

“Congrats, well done champ..:)” Sylvester Dorai

“Well done …” Gea Ban Peng

“Wow!  Congratulations!” Brennan Khor

“Congratulations Peishan!  Your passion on making people happy through your speeches and life outlook is overwhelming.  Keep it up!” Christine Gonzales and Marco Rubi-Cruz

“Congrats!:)” Azizah Sapari

“Nice!  Congrats! …” Darren Lim

“Wow!  Congrats!  That’s good news! … Can’t wait to see you speak again!  Wish you all the best and hope you can make it to the international level!” He Huang Xin

“Congrats!” Lim Hock Ming

“Congrats!” Au Ji Yin

“Congratulations.  Wow.  All the best … you will do just great.  Keep it up!” Michael Chang

“Congrats.” Samsudin

“Wow.  Congratulations:D  Must celebrate …!” Serena Lim

“Wow congrats! …” Kong Xieheng

“Congrats.” Jerlynn Ang

“Congratulations!  You are great:D” Nicole Tuo

“Wow that’s great! Congratulations:) …” Divya Shankar

“Congrats Peishan I’m really happy for you… I’m inspired by you:)” Kiranjeet Kaur

“Congrats!” Koh Chi Wei

“Hey Peishan, congrats …”  Brian Wong Jia Jie

“Congrats(:  Will look forward to hearing your speech once again…” Sally Tan

“Congratulations:)  Shan!  You can be international champion!  Keep it up! …” Lwin

“Congratulations my shining friend!  Keep reaching for the stars!” Dexter David

“Oh great. Congratulations…” Gopal Srinivasan

“Hey, well done!…” Byron Nifakis

“… Congrats …” Sng Yao Le

“1st place?  Congrats:)” Gerald Ong

“Congrats!  Well done! …” Wekie Tay

“Congratulations to you.  Keep up the good work…” Jenny Au

“Congrats!  You certainly are an inspiration to us…” Alvin Ong

“Well done!  I know you can do it! …” Bai Jinshun

“Congratulations!:D” Weng

“Ha ha I am sure no one is your match because you are the best…” Tavis Tan

“Well done, I’m up there flying with you! No idea what it is but I’m sure you were fabulous 🙂 … Well done Shan, you are still an inspiration to me.” Felicity Picken

“Congrats… So happy for ya. …” Jessica Tang

“Congratulations” Willy Wong

“Congrats!” Evelyn Goh

“Congrats! Hip! Hip! Hooray!” Jean Lee

“Hi Shanshine, that’s absolutely great! Expected nothing less from you.Just fly…..” Klaus Nienhaus

“Congratulations!” Patricia Tan

“That’s great, congratulations dear!” Wenjing

“Congratulations Pei Shan! Am so glad for you” Antonia Beetsma

“Well done, Ringlets, you deserve it!” John Bittleston

“What a marvellous success! Congratulations!” Cathy Chen

“Congrats! You are a good + clever girl… Cheers…” Jessie Lee

“Congratulations. …” Edmund Chew

“Congratulations!! This feeling of winning is always great.” Ang Chew Hoe

“Congrats!” Daphne Loo

“Well done Pei Shan. I shall have to come and watch your next performance.” Dennis Heath

“Wow. that’s great. Congrats…..” Fredy Siloy

“Wow you have won!  Congrats..” Emeline Koh

“Congratulations Shan! May the Sun Shine on you Shanshine!” Coen Tan

“Well done! *pats*” Alvin Ho

“Congrats.. It’s a nice feeling to be a champ …” Sylvia Ang

“Wow! Congratulations! =D” Joanne Ng

“Shan, Congrats ~ Congrats ~ on your winning of the international speeches contest :))
Am sure you will do even better as time goes by..:)) :p” Yu Long

“… congratulations on your victory! I KNEW you could do it!
Keep reaching for the top, and know that I’m pulling for you, ALL THE WAY!!” Ed Hearn

“You must be really good to win that…keep it up.  Congratulations… wish you [the] very best and I believe you can…cheers” Serena Lim


1 Coen Tan { 02.18.09 at 23:48 }

Congratulations Shan! May the Sun Shine on you Shanshine!

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Congrats to your achievement well done 🙂

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