Words of wisdom: How wealthy are you?

What is wealthiness? Shan’s perspective on wealth in the new year

The real measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all your money. – Unknown

This is indeed food for thought.  At this special point in time with the old year moving on and the new year moving in, it is an ideal time for self reflection and setting new goals for the new year.   In our digi-consumer society, money may have become one of the yardsticks to judge who we really are.

I like the implications behind this quote.  How much are you worth in terms besides money?  What sort of terms are you worth in?  How wealthy are you?

Money may be an important commodity, however, it is not the end-all.  Wealth comprises not only money, but also happiness.  What is happiness to you?  Love?  Recognition?  Doing the things you love?  Looking good?  Fulfillment?  Fame?   Courage?  Confidence?  How wealthy are you, really?

Wishing you a Shanshiney New Year, and every happiness!

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