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The “R” word… So what? And yes, you can shine!

I was going to write an article on my upcoming speech as well as on the subject of Happiness Coaching.  However, something stopped me in my tracks.

I have friends and family, as well as many others, who are/may/will be hit smack in the face by the “R” word.  Recession.  Recession (2008) is defined as a period of reduced economic activity.

Belonging to the ilk of an optimist, it’s difficult to fatalise the reality of recession.  Yes, reduced economies do no good in our materialistic consumer society.  The bottomline of economies is money, and money makes the world go round.  Nevertheless, money is not everything, though it is important.  And yes, it is a startling reality.  However, there comes something interesting in how we define reality.  Notice again, how we define reality.  Reality is a mental construct in every person, and we push our constructs of reality onto others.  Think upon it.  How do we know for sure what another is thinking?

Is it the actions that show what the person is thinking, and if so, does it mean that thoughts influence our actions?  I like to refer to this as the chicken and egg dilemma.  The natural question to ask regarding this dilemma is “Which comes first?”.  I beg to differ, that the more important question to ask is, “Does it matter?“.

My answer is, no, it does not matter.  The reason being that what matters is the end result.  Whichever way you look at the chicken or the egg, it’s the consequences that matter.  Likewise, in a recessive period, looking at causes and pointing fingers at everything or anything is interesting.  However, interesting things do not solve the issues at hand.

What can be done?  Reconstruct our realities.  Think of possibilities, not impossibilities.  Hyatt’s (2008, November 11) 10 benefits of a recession gives recession a positive spin.  Treasure what we have.  In times of necessity, it is a great way to ascertain our needs and wants.  Think of creative ways to make you and your loved ones happy.  Happiness is for everyone, and does not discriminate between socio-economic class, ethnicities, cultures, times of growth or recession.

I love to see recessions as an excellent ground for testing resilience and tenacity.  When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.  Are you the one who gets going or gets tough?

The “R” word… So what?  You can choose to get tough, and choose to shine.


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