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Free Specialty Speeches series: Shan’s 3 gems to happy? Happy! (Unanimously award-winning inspirational!)

My beloved friends,

Following the sweet success of Shan’s surprise!, this is the second installment of my free Specialty Speeches series entitled Shan’s 3 gems to happy? Happy!

Are you happy?  Are you unhappy?  Do you want to know how to be happy and happier?  Be enthralled with a story for the search of Happiness, and discover 3 gems of wisdom within.  Give yourselves a treat and uplift your spirits!

I invite you to the second of my Specialty Speeches series in Singapore. Details as follows:

  • Title: Shan’s 3 gems to happy? Happy!
  • Venue: Yokogawa Toastmasters, Yokogawa, 5 Bedok South Road, Singapore
  • Date: 8 October 2008
  • Time: 12-2pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love,
Pei Shan


1 güney servis { 10.08.08 at 16:48 }

thanks very good.

2 peishan { 10.09.08 at 15:55 }

You’re welcome!:D

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