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Zest for LIFE!

Zest for LIFE!!!

Do you have zest for life?  Zest is the last of the 24 strengths in the VIA, and is categorised under Transcendence.  Vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment encapsulates zest (Zest, n.d.)!

September 13th is my first performance on the big stage in a grand theatre.  Having been to Victoria Concert Hall several times as a spectator, it is a dream come true not only to intimately experience the performance area, but also to experience first hand a live performance on stage, with a 500-strong audience!

Awesome is the word, zest is my feeling!  Have you experienced totality in your encounters and activities?  Do you experience the passionate drive that fires up your engine for the entire 24 hours?

Looking at the positive aspect of things does wonders.  I conducted an experiment on searching for positives, and I’m getting addicted to it!  Cars vacate their parking lots when we arrive in the carpark, seats become instantly available when we arrive at a restaurant, great offers abound with each corner turned in shopping malls, and countless other positives occur when I take the effort to search for it!

Furthermore, testament to my search for positives, my singing group and me have the honourable privilege to perform in the Shanghai Arts Festival in China!  Better still, we will be performing together with the best Chinese singers as well!  This privilege is very much coveted by many Singaporean singing groups, which makes it even more precious.

Having a zest for your life, and to build in a natural search for positives, colours your life into a rainbow of spirit, passion and drive.  By your very own zest, you become an inspiration for others to follow in your footsteps.

Have a zest for life, because






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