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Posts from — September 2008

Smiles and hearts: Ms mega memory

A smile is a heart-to-heart communication: it emanates from your heart, radiates on your face, and lights up the hearts of others – Yip Pei Shan

Another Shanshine Smiler is Peggy, gracing the fort of Pin Si @ AMK Hub with her mega memory service!  I am impressed with Peggy’s great recall of my favourite dishes, drinks and pet peeves from the very first visit.  I remembered asking for a change of drinks as the first drink had a tiny speck of dirt.  With no questions asked, my drink was changed by one of the many wonderful waiters there.  With her observant service and friendly smiles, Peggy took the effort to ask whether the changed Almond Milk was to my liking.

Shan and Peggy at Pin Si in AMK Hub Copyright Yip Pei Shan 2008

I salute you, Peggy, Ms mega memory!

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Words of wisdom: Overcoming limitations!

Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again – James R. Cook

I’m in total agreement with this!  Our potential is unlimited.  It is our own thinking and beliefs that limit us and others.  What do you think?

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Smiles and hearts: Mr. sweet sincere smile

A smile is a heart-to-heart communication: it emanates from your heart, radiates on your face, and lights up the hearts of others – Yip Pei Shan

Remember this proverb I created in March this  year?  I have been noticing so many beautiful smiles, I am going to make it a point to compliment the Shanshine Smilers in Singapore!

I’m going to get hold of Aishah’s shanshiney smile to light up the hearts of many more!

I was bowled over by Chin Hong, another Shanshine Smiler this evening at Bakerzin, United Square.  Impeccable service with a sweet and sincere disposition, Chin Hong has been with Bakerzin for two weeks.  An Electrical and Electronic Engineering student from the Singapore Polytechnic, this is his second part-time job, with his first part-time job at a furniture outlet at Sungei Road Gardens during the weekends.

I salute you, Chin Hong, Mr. sweet sincere smile!

PS.  More Shanshine Smilers here!

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Shan’s MOMENTs > Free Stories-Alive! series: MOMENTs in time (Most Touching Story!)

What is Shan’s MOMENTs?

Due to several requests, I will oblige by restating the popular Shan’s MOMENTs’ acronym.  This is tracked back to Free Stories-Alive! series: MOMENTs in time (Most Touching Story!).

What does MOMENT mean to me?

M: Be the MASTER of your life.

O: Be OPEN to the full spectrum of emotions, thoughts and experiences you feel.

M: Make every MOMENT count.

E: ENJOY each emotion, thought and experience.

N: Just do it NOW!

T: TELL one person one reason for loving them each day.

I was sharing with Alex yesterday, money can be earned back, but time cannot be earned back.  Once the MOMENT in time is gone, it is gone.  Savour each MOMENT, Master your life, be Open, Enjoy, just do it NOW, Tell someone one reason you love them.

I am listening to Gregorian’s Once In A Lifetime, wind rustling in my hair, experiencing complete contentment and peace in MY MOMENT.  What are you doing in your MOMENT NOW?

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Zest for LIFE!

Zest for LIFE!!!

Do you have zest for life?  Zest is the last of the 24 strengths in the VIA, and is categorised under Transcendence.  Vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment encapsulates zest (Zest, n.d.)!

September 13th is my first performance on the big stage in a grand theatre.  Having been to Victoria Concert Hall several times as a spectator, it is a dream come true not only to intimately experience the performance area, but also to experience first hand a live performance on stage, with a 500-strong audience!

Awesome is the word, zest is my feeling!  Have you experienced totality in your encounters and activities?  Do you experience the passionate drive that fires up your engine for the entire 24 hours?

[

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