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Words of wisdom: Pursuit over achievement

Achievement is good, pursuit is greater – Yip Pei Shan

This nugget of wisdom was born from a day out with Xin at Sentosa. Photographing the sun, the wind, the skies, nature and people around us, we had a delightful conversation over achievement and pursuit.

Achieving is good, however, pursuit is greater. Living life is a process, and pursuing is also a process. Achievement has two components, the pursuit and the result. Result is great, it sharpens our focus. Nevertheless, living in the NOW is vital. The NOW is the pursuit. Pursuit is life.

For some of us, we have goals, ideals, dreams, visions, that we focus on intently to achieve. Success, is what we call it.

Sometimes we may get too caught up in the end results, that we forget everything around us. We forget to enjoy the people with us, we forget to enjoy the good health we are blessed with, we forget ourselves. Sometimes, we may even forget what were the reasons we started on to get our results.

What are your reasons for achievement?

What are your reasons for living?

Pursuit is living, and to live, is to be happy and successful ultimately.

Are you pursuing?

Are you living life?


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