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Posts from — August 2008

Free Stories-Alive! series: MOMENTs in time (Most Touching Story!)

My beloved friends,

Tonight’s story will transport you into the realm of the sombre reality. From my first story, Shan’s sharing! The three sillies!, we explored the developing of a positive mindset. In MOMENTs in time, we will delve deeper into what it means by a MOMENT.

What does a MOMENT mean to you? How may we treasure each and every MOMENT?

I will reveal my version of MOMENT, to share with your loved ones.

This is a very special speech in memory of a dear friend, Ailing, who passed away on 22 August 2008. Ailing was one of the happiest and sweetest women I have ever known. She will always live in our hearts and memories.

I invite you to the second of my Stories-Alive! series in Singapore. Details as follows:

  • Title: MOMENTs in time
  • Venue: Braddell Heights Advanced Toastmasters, Braddell Heights Community Club, Singapore
  • Date: 25 August 2008
  • Time: 7-10pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love,
Pei Shan

August 25, 2008   1 Comment

Words of wisdom: Pursuit over achievement

Achievement is good, pursuit is greater – Yip Pei Shan

This nugget of wisdom was born from a day out with Xin at Sentosa. Photographing the sun, the wind, the skies, nature and people around us, we had a delightful conversation over achievement and pursuit.

Achieving is good, however, pursuit is greater. [

August 11, 2008   No Comments