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Words of wisdom: the juxtaposition of speaking and listening

Without listeners, there would be no speakers – Yip Pei Shan

This proverb was inspired by my conversation with Jack many evenings ago. We were on the subject that most people who joined Toastmasters loved to talk. I told Jack, “The most important thing about Toastmasters is listening.”

I had captured his entire attention. The reason being is that Toastmasters is a public speaking and leadership club.

I reiterated, “The most important thing about Toastmasters is listening, and not speaking.” I went on to explain my point,

“If there was no one to listen, no one would talk. We could probably continue a monologue, however, that would not be sustainable, as we love to have someone listen to us, pay attention to us.”

In today’s context, the value of being able to listen has increased exponentially. We can claim to be good listeners, however, how well do we listen? Listening is key to building and maintaining relationships, which influences the quality in living the meaningful life. Let us search for quality knowledge of our counterparts, let’s listen, and listen well!

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