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Yes, lot! Yes, Lot! YES, LOT!!! The power of the Positive!

Two weekends ago, I accompanied my beloved mum for a shopping expedition.  On this particular Saturday, the car park that we ventured to park at was packed with cars.  Cars in the car park lots, cars looking for car park lots.  Now, the thing about Mum is she looks on the dark side of things.  Throw a scenario to her, and the probability of Armageddon becomes a certainty.

Ever the pessimist, Mum was lamenting, “Shan, there are no more lots!”.

A few seconds later, after travelling a few centimetres, Mum continued, “There are definitely no more lots!  Look at all these cars!”

Mum continued her litany of no lots, and started threatening, “By the next turn, if I can’t find any lots, we are going home!”

Going home!?  Going home was a taboo trigger for someone like me who did not like to have my outings cancelled.  I resolved to persuade Mum not to leave, and persist in searching for a parking lot.

“Mum”, I said.  “We WILL definitely find a lot.  I am a lucky star, and I am with you right now.  Just wish for a lot, and it will come true.”

Mum, ever skeptical, scowled.

“Come on, Mum”, I continued.  “We’ll get a lot.  Yes, lot!  Yes, lot!  Yes, lot!!  YES, Lot!!  YES, LOT!!  YES, LOT!!!”

True to my words, FOUR cars IMMEDIATELY vacated their lots!!!

All at the same time!!!

No other cars were nearby to scramble for the lots!!!

“See, Mum!!”  I enthused.  “YES, LOT! really works!  Now you have not only one lot, but FOUR lots to choose from!”

Mum gave a disgruntled grunt of consent, which erupted into a beatific smile of convincement.

YES, LOT really works.  YES, LOT is the power of the Positive.  Think of the analogy of a garden.  If we sow and nurture seeds in fertile soil, these seeds will grow into plants, and with tender loving care, bear fruit.  Similarly, our thoughts are like seeds.  If we sow and nurture positive thoughts in our fertile mind, these positive thoughts will grow into our behaviour, and with tender loving care, develop into actions that influence the world.

Decide today to BE positive, kick away the negatives, and obtain the power to influence your world!

Yes, lot!  Yes, Lot!  YES, LOT!!!

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