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Positivity begets positivity!

In my award-winning speech on Shan’s cockscrew of hope, I expounded on the importance of surrounding ourselves with optimistic people.  Based on the saying that “like begets like”, when you are with optimistic people, you will be influenced by their optimism, and hence, become optimistic as well!

In the following, I would like to pose a hypothetical situation to illustrate certain interesting revelations.

For example, while conversing with people, my developed sense of self-awareness signals to me what I am feeling and thinking at a particular point in time.  While talking with person A who intrigued me, I got to the crux of my signals.  The crux was that the most intriguing aspect of person A was a blend of positivity and negativity.

Revelation #1: Many people have this blend of positivity and negativity which is probably more dangerous than a pure positivity or pure negativity.  It is this blend of uncertain percentages of positivity and negativity which makes people so intriguing and hopelessly lost at most, if not all, times.  This reminds me of David Chan’s postulation of negativity bias and positivity, resulting in a net negativity.

What made person A like this?

Revelation #2: The influences around person A, and more importantly, what person A chooses to be influenced by.  I quote “There are all sorts of influences out there.   I choose the type of influences I want to be influenced by.” – Yip Pei Shan

What are the sort of influences that people choose to be influenced by?

Revelation #3: Possibly, the people around them, the literature they read, the media that they watch as well as the Internet.  I believe all these are vital in shaping their positivity and/or negativity.  To be able to choose well, a developed sense of self-awareness is essential.

As community creatures, we will interact and bump into people with different degrees of positivity and negativity.  What I suggest we can do is be aware when we meet them, and constantly and consciously affirm the positivity within us.  Arm ourselves with optimistic people, positive-toned literature, and the most powerful of all, our own positive selves.  I emphasise on positive-toned as certain positive literature appear to be positive, however, their language is laden with negativity.  A combustible combination of negatively written positivity would probably compound the issue.

On a lighter note, while I was embracing positivity with open arms, a mynah (tiny black bird) flew towards me and nearly landed in my arms!  Talk about positivity!  Even birds are attracted to positivity!  I do think people would also be attracted!

Positivity begets positivity!  Negativity begets negativity!  I choose positivity!  What do you choose?


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