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I look up! Do you?

I was reading Pollay’s (2008) Let positive triggers turn on your best self, and his response to his second question, Where do you look when you’re feeling good? caused a tickle in my heart which burst into a huge grin onto my face!

“You look up!” (Pollay, 2008).

I am in full accord with this statement!

This statement made me realise that I look up most of the time when I’m feeling great!  It is a fantastic way to brighten up your day when you are feeling down.  When you feel down, instead of looking down, look up, and feel the difference.

A curious thought came to my mind.  Do the people living on lower floors feel great, as they are always looking up?  I know that I tend to look out and up of my window in my home.  Looking up uplifts my spirits, especially when the sun is shining brightly, the orioles are chirping merrily, and the wind is blowing gustily.

Another thought came to mind.  What could perhaps emancipate a drastic change in emotions, morphing negativity into positivity?

Bunjee jumps!!!  A pendulous twist of atmospheric differences should change your emotions into a sinus rhythm, and present a clean slate for the rewriting of good feelings!

Another alternative to looking up and feeling good would be the humble swing in the park.  Nothing gets me feeling higher and greater than a swinging good time on the swing, hustled among the trees, hair whipping in the wind, feet brushing the sands beneath.

A slower alternative would perhaps be the Singapore Flyer, the tallest observation wheel to date, which I had the pleasure of experiencing every moving turn, looking up and down, and side to side.  Great feelings?  Definitely.

Daily activities, goals and aspirations, long term and short term commitments, and fatigue do get me down sometimes.  News of impending practice for two singing concerts, one in September, Singapore, and another in November, Shanghai, China, gets the tough going.  Do I look down?  No.

I look up.  Do you?


Pollay, D. J. (2008, April 2). Let positive triggers turn on your best self. Retrieved April 4, 2008, from


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