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Happiness and Pavlov’s conditioning

The story about Pavlov’s dog and his dog’s conditioned salivation is something that strikes close to my heart. Firstly, I love dogs, especially Golden Retrievors. Secondly, this accidental discovery of conditioning gives hope for the negatively conditioned.

On the 12 of February, an incident occurred which warmed my heart. On many evenings, there would be an ice cream vendor who would ride his ice cream motorbike cart to my place downstairs. Ring ring rinng riinnng, he would go, tinkling his ice cream bell to a rhythm of sorts. On that particular evening, I chanced upon a teenage boy, running exuberantly to the ice cream vendor upon hearing the first ring of the bell.

The teenager’s exuberance lit up his entire self. He was like a human torch of happiness and vitality! How wonderful it would be if we could fire ourselves up, and seek pleasures and gratifications with the same spirit! I believe it is possible to condition ourselves to actively obtain and maintain positive dispositions to weather through the ups and downs of life’s experiences.

One suggestion: listen to the one of a million songs worshipping the good life, use your favourite song as a conditioning stimulus to get a conditioned response which will effect a positive perspective in the long run. All the best!


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