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Happy Birthday,!

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times – Anon

We all make choices in the rollercoaster called life. We can choose to be happy, we can choose to be sad. We can choose to blog, we can choose not to. Even the choice of choosing, requires the act of choosing. Chew on it!

First off, I am ecstatic that project positive psychology has kicked off! This germ of an idea sprouted from my reading of Arruda and Dixson’s Career Distinction (2007), in which desire to have my own signature style in the virtual and real world grew stronger and stronger until “Eureka!” I could write a themed blog! Having written a personal blog for more than seven years, writing had become a way of life, my way of life.

What was to be the theme of my blog? I wondered. After agonising for some time and striking off countless other interests to write on, I settled on the subject of Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology has been one of my pet interests ever since I was exposed to life coaching and the study of Psychology and Sociology. “The study of the strengths and virtues that enable[s] individuals and communities to thrive and find happiness” (Positive psychology, n.d.) – something that strikes close to my heart. To bring out the best out of people, and in doing so, they fulfill their life’s purpose and attain happiness.

Second, the search for the perfect domain name encapsulating my theme and my personality was next. This domain search proved to be the most daunting hurdle in the whole process. Lots of names, ideas were brainstormed, tears and laughters shed before stuck, and struck a chord in the hearts of my loved ones. is derived from my Chinese name, Pei Shan, and together, Shanshine is a pun on Sunshine and the meaning of Sunshine.

What does the word “Sunshine” bring to mind? Instantly, I see a bright and happy cartoon sun, smiling happily on everyone who cares to bathe in sunshine. Happiness is like sunshine, it is always there for you, the only condition is your choice in receiving it and its goodness. Of course, too much of a good thing defeats the purpose, and that is why we had sadness and the whole spectrum of negative emotions. Happiness is like a drug! You will get addicted to it!

Furthermore, Sunshine also refers to radiant cheerfulness and geniality (Sunshine, n.d.), which epitomises the strongest attributes of my personality! Friendly, caring and sincere! Not to mention lots more!

Hence, was born!!!

Last and most importantly, my heartfelt appreciation and a BIG thank you to the lovely and intelligent people who given project positive psychology life – my beloved mum, my kind-hearted Shun, my awesome friends, invaluable advice from Takumi, Dope, Eric, and the man behind the foundation, Ming!!! Thank you!


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